Spacemesh is a fair blockmesh operating system designed to run general-purpose smart contracts at web-scale. It is powered by a novel consensus protocol that is secure, proof-of-work free, and highly incentive-compatible. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?! That’s where Oi! comes in. Oi!’s task was to find a way to tell a complicated story in a simpler way that consumers understand. Oi! helped Spacemesh get back to the basics and tell its brand story in a unique way, infusing fun and humor to attract even the most brilliant of clients.

Spacemesh Raises

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Series A financing round

inside the process

We looked for a simple – global iconic figures to work with. The people mesh was the perfect symbolic concept to reflect the ‘new economy’ messaging. We try to keep the brand’s identity not too branded, almost a movement feel as it’s beautiful essence and vision.

Spacemesh stationary



Eyal Linur


Ofir Yeger